AR Factory

AR Factory, as a branch invested by JF Factory, focuses on only making Rolex Replica Watches. Today, the replica Watches market is also relatively strong in terms of competition, and AR Factory Watches are slowly being replaced. But there are a lot of friends prefer AR Factory, which is also a kind of feelings, of course, which can not be ignored is a detail point of AR Factory Replica Watches itself. AR Factory was probably founded in 2017, first in order to compete with N Factory water ghost and launched Rolex water ghost Replica Watche, and then constantly innovate, currently AR Factory Rolex Replica Watches products are very rich. There are mainly Water Ghost, Ghost King, Datejust, Yacht Master, Explorer, Daytona, Oyster Perpetual and many other watches, and most of them are made of 904 steel, the movement copy the genuine movement, to achieve the same function. In general, AR Factory’s Rolex watches are second to none in workmanship.