EW Factory

Due to the very high popularity of Rolex, in the replica watch market, there are many replica watch factories have opened copies, such as we are familiar with VS Factory, AR Factory, NOOB Factory, EW Factory, Clean Factory and so on. Rolex log is a very classic best-selling formal casual style, for unfamiliar watch friends, may not have heard of EW Factory, always feel that it is a small factory, in fact, it is not. EW Factory Watches started almost at the same time as N Factory, and developed its own 3135 movement very early, with perfect workmanship details and high cost performance. In recent years, EW Factory has launched more and more Rolex styles, including Oyster Perpetual, Datejust, GMT Master II, Yacht Master and other series of products. It can be said that the Rolex styles made by EW Factory are the most abundant manufacturers in the entire reproduction market. And EW Factory Replica Watches is currently mainly developed 3135 movement, 3235 movement, the repair rate control is relatively low, and the power storage has also been very good improvement, as a replica market for Rolex factory, pre-sale and after-sales are very reliable, product line is very wide, sufficient output fast delivery, In terms of scale, no less than any existing manufacturers.