Clean Factory

Clean Factory is also called “C Factory”. It used to mainly make ceramic bezel accessories for the Rolex Submariner series and is a ceramic bezel supplier for many major manufacturers. In 2020, it launched the Rolex Submariner series with its own ceramic bezel. Since then, it has become more and more famous. Although Clean Factory is not an officially authorized factory of Rolex, the level of imitation of its products has reached a very high level, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between genuine and fake. Its advantages are divided into the following three points: 1. High imitation: Clean Factory Replica Watches have a high level of imitation, and their appearance is almost the same as the original. Whether it is the design details of Rolex, or the watch movement and mechanical structure, Clean Factory strives to be the most realistic, so that consumers cannot tell the authenticity. 2. Reasonable price: Compared with the high price of genuine Rolex, Clean Factory’s products are relatively affordable. Therefore, consumers can get the satisfaction of Replica Watch at a lower price without spending exorbitant funds. 3. Stable quality: Although Clean Factory Watches are imitations, their quality is stable, and the manufacturing process and material selection are excellent. Clean Factory Replica Watches are more durable and last longer than other replicas.