VS Factory

VS Factory As the most outstanding Factory among the major factories of Replica Watches, VS Factory’s two brands Panerai and Omega are the best in the industry with high imitation degree and quality. It is also a landmark masterpiece in Replica Watches, creating the era of Omega Replica Watches, which is no longer the Japanese movement to change the splint, and Panerai no longer has the defect of the Tianjin movement or the Shanghai movement balance wheel. VS Factory, the full name of VS FACTORY, at the beginning to Panerai starting point, with independent research and development of p.9000 and P.9001 movement, to achieve the balance of the movement position and genuine completely consistent, say goodbye to the past balance of the wrong position of the defect, the first market PAM441 style immediately caused a huge buzz, Subsequently launched Panerai series of hot Replica Watches. By the end of 2017, VS Factory continued to make efforts to break through the difficulties of Omega Seamaster 8500 movement, independently developed the reproduction of the third-generation 8500 movement, basically consistent with the genuine product, and realized the integration of balance wheel and shock absorber. It is no longer the simple process of adding splints to the Japanese movement of Seamaster in the past, and the way of adjusting the time is completely consistent with the genuine product. Immediately after that, VS Factory Replica Watches have launched the Seamaster Diver 300M, Seamaster Diver 150M, and Seamaster Spectre 007 and GMT related Replica Watches. At present, the styles of VS Factory Omega continue to increase, but as long as each product launched is the most leading technological revolution in the industry. At present, for Panerai and Omega Replica Watches, the first recommendation is VS Factory Watches.