JB Factory

About JB Factory, we have also heard, for tourbillon watch reproduction has always been a very high level in the industry. JB Factory Watches, as a player specializing in playing tourbillon, also occupies the main position of tourbillon players in high defining, most of those recognized excellent tourbillon watches on the market are produced by JB Factory, such as JB Factory Roger Dubuis double tourbillon watches, This double tourbillon watch has a total of three colors, different colors have a different style. The hand uses a simple time division double needle to mark the time display, and all the time scales on the dial use the Roman numeral scale structure featured by Roger Dubuis. The most attractive thing is the flying tourbillon between 4 o ‘clock and 5 o ‘clock, 7 o ‘clock and 8 o ‘clock, full of mechanical sense, with three screws fixed in the middle, through the sapphire crystal glass mirror, you can enjoy the free operation of the tourbillon at a glance. As the most complex and fascinating model of the complex functions of the clock, the flying tourbillon is different from the ordinary tourbillon in that it uses an open rotating frame, so that the rotating balance wheel is completely exposed and produces the feeling of suspension. And this watch uses JB Factory Replica Watches double flying tourbillon, more visual impact. The Movement adopts the Swiss RD100 tourbillon Movement, and the ultra-difficult double tourbillon movement process is perfectly implemented on the entire watch.