PPF Factory

PPF Factory focuses on Patek Philippe, as the thinnest Patek Philippe Nautilus in the western market, with a very high degree of imitation of the movement, once launched and recognized by the market. Until now, this integrated 324 movement is still a very good movement in the Replica Watches market, the movement balance wheel direction is consistent with the original, and the travel time is stable and reliable, the deck is polished very carefully, the workmanship is very good, showing the PPF Factory Replica Watches. For those who like Patek Philippe Nautilus, they often compare the two. PPF Factory Nautilus and 3K Factory Nautilus is the same level of rivals, generally speaking, the two have their own advantages, 3K Factory movement imitation degree is higher, whether it is the movement structure or the appearance of the movement is very perfect. PPF Factory Watches pay attention to workmanship, in the literal details, the calendar font is more delicate. And in the use of raw materials is very particular, such as the use of imported 316L steel, with excellent surface and wear resistance and other characteristics, can effectively ensure the quality of the watch.