BT Factory

BT Factory, currently mainly 4130 movement Rolex Daytona based. It belongs to the same boss as 3K Factory, BT Factory, N Factory and C Factory are equipped with 4130 movement Rolex Daytona are the current market ceiling level watches. At present, BT Factory launched 4130 movement Di Tona style is more rich, in addition to our common panda Di, green gold Di, gray glue Di, Yue Wenle, etc., BT Factory Replica Watches workmanship details basically do not have to worry about, its degree of imitation and quality control in the watch city are well-known. Take BT Factory Rolex Daytona gold model, for this watch, the watch is made of 904 steel in terms of material, the overall grinding strength of the watch is also very good, but also the polishing and drawing treatment, which can make the watch in the appearance of the ultimate restoration of the charm of the genuine. For the gold position is electroplated, there is no steel leakage, which is also a lot of Replica Watches Factory can not reach the ceiling level, after all, for the details of the processing BT Factory still has a great advantage, while not leaking steel is also a highlight of the BT factory Watches. The perfect detail processing also makes BT Factory become a leader in the Replica Watch industry!